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Hirut Sintayehu Kassahun

Hirut Sintayehu Kassahun


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    Tourism Development Policy as a Means for Promoting Sustainability: Practices from the Ethiopian Tourism Development Policy
    Author(s): Hirut Sintayehu KassahunHirut Sintayehu Kassahun

    The major purpose of this study is to examine whether and under what conditions tourism development policy can help to promote sustainable tourism development in Ethiopia. To achieve this objective, quantitative and qualitative study approach, and purposive sampling technique were employed for both questionnaire and interview data gathering instruments. Quantitatively, thirty nine sample tourism experts were participated from the ministry, bureau, zonal and city experts and the collected data were analyzed by descriptive statistics, correlation, ANOVA, Post hoc and independent t-test. The qualitative data were collected from eight experts and analyzed through interpretative and descriptive account of the data; and the major findings of the study are presented. Accordingly, the t-test and ANOVA confirmed that there were statistically significant difference .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2167-0269.1000390

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