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Godfrey Grech

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    The Influence of Innate and Adaptive Immunity on Crohn’s Disease Severity
    Author(s): Neville Azzopardi, Keith Sacco and Godfrey GrechNeville Azzopardi, Keith Sacco and Godfrey Grech

    Stricturing and penetrating disease are classified as severe Crohn’s disease types and are frequently associated with an increased risk for bowel surgery. Research has shown that early treatment with aggressive immunosuppression (including biological and thiopurine therapies – the so-called “top-down approach”) results in a diminished risk of developing these complicated disease types. However, these therapies carry significant risks and cost. Being able to predict which patients are at an increased risk of developing severe Crohn’s disease may enable us to treat patients individually, with the aggressive “top-down approach” started at diagnosis in patients with a significantly increased risk of developing complicated disease types. Defects of innate and adaptive immunity both play a role in Crohn’s disease pathophysiology. Identifying w.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2155-9899.1000219

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