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Gianfelice Cinque

Gianfelice Cinque

Diamond Light Source Didcot, Oxfordshire OX11 0DE

Dr Gianfelice Cinque is Principal Beamline Scientist for the Multimode InfraRed Microscopy and Imaging (MIRIAM) beamline B22. He joined Diamond at the start of B22 project in 2006 from the INFN labs of Frascati in Rome, where he was responsible for the Soft X-ray beamline and previously on the IR beamline. He is also currently Coordinator for the Soft Condensed Matter Village. As background, he graduated in Physics at Padua University in 1990 and had his PhD in General Physics from Ferrara University in 1994, followed by a Post Doc in Physics at Verona University. He was teaching Medical Physics at the Faculty of Medicine in Verona University from 1994 to 1997. His scientific activity at the MIRIAM beamline covers several collaborative researches in Synchrotron Radiation IR: BioMedicine - e.g. assessing chemotheraphy time-to-dose response at single cell level or searching for stem cells IR biomarkers for their location in tissue sections; Material Science - vibrational analysis of catalysers microcrystal or of composite/polymeric material microstructure under stress-strain; Archaeology and Cultural Heritage – elucidating the physicochemistry of ancient (XV century) painting fragments in terms of environmental changes and historical pigment evolution. State-of-the-art SR based IR microanalysis is by scanning microscopy, particularly advantageous in confocal mode. One of my current research focus is to develop full field IR microscopy via broadband SR illumination in order to provide fast IR imaging at high magnification (74x), and optimal molecular map oversampling for ultimate resolution retrieval. THz spectroscopy can probe elusive low energy excitations, e.g. molecular collective modes or conformational changes, and superconductors gaps. My THz activity uses the intense Coherent Synchrotron Radiation emitted at Diamond in low alpha mode and MIRIAM set up allowing the broadest spectral range (
Research Interest
Dr. Gianfelice Cinque main research focus is on IR microspectroscopy in (bio)physics and biomedicine, synchrotron radiation spectroscopy and imaging, and on the development of near field IR imaging and Coherent SR THz spectroscopy techniques. His current research interest are InfraRed absorption spectroscopy is a non-destructive and quantitative analytical probe of the molecular composition especially of soft/condensed matter. Via an IR microscope the 2-dimensional molecular distribution is also accessible at microscopic scale for the benefit of a variety of researches, from biomedicine to new material sciences or cultural heritage. Its coupling to a broadband and bright Synchrotron Radiation source like Diamond boosts the IR microprobe molecular sensitivity beyond the capabilities of conventional methods and the spatial resolution to the diffraction limit.

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