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Elosta F

Elosta F
Waha Oil Company,

  • Review Article
    Oil and Gas Industrial and Ecosystem Mechanical Impacts of Environment
    Author(s): Elosta FElosta F

    Oil and gas from deuterons pollutant due to its hydrocarbon materials and toxic substances such as hydrogen sulfide and consist of organic compounds containing hydrogen and carbon and some parts non-carbon such as nitrogen sulfur oxygen and some small quantities of metals such as vanadium which organic compounds containing hydrogen and carbon where emit these gases when evaporation or degrade oil spill and these materials and gases threaten the ecological system the problem of pollution oil industries include pollution air by escalating gas such as hydrogen sulfide toxic as well as the oil spill on soil which contributes wind and flood water in a quantum population and agricultural projects special during irrigation and spill oil mean change in its chemical or quality of the components environment so distorting equilibrium in systems environment different water production processes as.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2381-8719.1000266

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