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Oil and Gas Industrial and Ecosystem Mechanical Impacts of Environment

Elosta F

Oil and gas from deuterons pollutant due to its hydrocarbon materials and toxic substances such as hydrogen sulfide and consist of organic compounds containing hydrogen and carbon and some parts non-carbon such as nitrogen sulfur oxygen and some small quantities of metals such as vanadium which organic compounds containing hydrogen and carbon where emit these gases when evaporation or degrade oil spill and these materials and gases threaten the ecological system the problem of pollution oil industries include pollution air by escalating gas such as hydrogen sulfide toxic as well as the oil spill on soil which contributes wind and flood water in a quantum population and agricultural projects special during irrigation and spill oil mean change in its chemical or quality of the components environment so distorting equilibrium in systems environment different water production processes associated with the oil that is produced in large quantities is also known that the production of barrels of oil offset producing four barrels of water. The estimated production quantities of this water in most fields of Libya for example around 4,000,000 barrels per day almost a big problem as these waters are not taken to exploit only a few of them in the injections are exposed to the air which leads to the evaporation of deadly gases ones such as hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide and other gases and exploiting some of this water injection in large quantities may cause harm to the environment by groundwater contamination due to concomitant injections for engineering studies include hydrological and geological and that injections accompanied by compressions strength large create new depression may contribute to the ancient after cracks found in the region. This process also earthquake movements may occur for plate movement on the edge of the continents because of the increased pressure on the layers of the earth which causes its human wrought in Environment, and carry out a study: 1. Study of the geological environment to see the possibility of cracks and fractures and the possibility of earthquake activity. 2. Hydrological studies surface water and agricultural projects and groundwater. 3. Carry out drainage water associated with oil scientific methods. I hope to my God that this study will contribute to whatever is simple to learn influence the oil and gas industrial on environment regulations that give life.