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Deng Yuewen

Deng Yuewen
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    Assessing the Impact of Oil Spills on Marine Organisms
    Author(s): Deng Yuewen and Linda AdzigbliDeng Yuewen and Linda Adzigbli

    In a world with increasing crude oil production, oil spill accidents cannot be neglected when addressing pollution issues. The availability of crude oil constituents in the environment has posed serious threats to the marine community. Even biodegraded byproducts have also been discovered to be toxic to animals hence the need to know the impacts and future remediation methods. Marine organisms such as vertebrates and invertebrates are known to be affected by PAHs from the free floating embryo and larvae to their sexually matured adults. Impacts from lethal to sub-lethal dose of PAHs include habitat destruction and loss, mass mortality, impaired physiological functions such as reduced feeding, growth and development, respiration problems, loss of locomotion, balance and swimming. Most of these marine organisms take very long periods to recover and some never recover from these impacts .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2572-3103.1000179

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