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Damien Chaussabel

Damien Chaussabel

Baylor Institute for Immunology Research (BIIR), Dallas,USA 

Dr. Damien Chaussabel leads the Systems Biology Program at Sidra. It will leverage cutting-edge systems profiling technology to forge a path towards data-enabled medicine. Dr Chaussabel obtained his PhD from the University of Brussels in 1999. As a trained immunologist, he acquired unique expertise in the genomics and bioinformatics fields, pioneering the use of whole genome transcriptional profiling tools as a postdoctoral fellow at the NIAID/NIH for the study of host-pathogen interactions.  Prior to joining Sidra, Dr. Chaussabel developed a thriving genomics and bioinformatics program at the Baylor Institute for Immunology Research in Dallas TX, where he built a team comprising over 20 members, including immunologists, molecular biologists, bioinformaticians, software engineers, and biostatisticians. He served as head of the Systems Immunology Division at the Benaroya research institute in Seattle WA (2010-2014) where he led studies investigating “genomic reprograming” that occurs in the blood of patients with infectious and autoimmune diseases as well as in response to vaccination. 
Research Interest

 Immunology, mRNA, Dendritic cells, Ribosomes

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