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Journal of Physical Chemistry & Biophysics
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Craig Boote

Craig Boote

Structural Biophysics Group, School of Optometry and Vision Sciences, Cardiff University CF24 4LU, UK

Craig Boote has awarded his Ph.D. in 1995-1999 in Structural studies of DNA using diffraction and spectroscopic methods, Keele University. He has completed his BSc. Physics/Biochemistry Dual Hons from Keele University in 1992-1995. His previous academic positions are 2012-Present Deputy Chair, postgraduate research committee, 2012-Present School research seminar series organiser, 2011-Present Deputy biological safety officer. His teaching overviews are module leader for the BSc Optometric Physics (OP0204) and Research & Study Skills (OP1204) modules.
Research Interest
His main research interests are the biophysical properties and structural biology of the cornea and sclera. He also worked on using x-ray scattering and microscopic imaging to investigate the factors that govern corneal transparency and refractive status, and their compromise in disease and surgery. He also researching the structural biology and biomechanical function of the sclera and optic nerve head, and investigating their role in the development of glaucoma.

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