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Immunome Research
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Clemencia Pinilla

Clemencia Pinilla

Associate Professor, Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies, San Diego, USA 


 Dr. Pinilla has over twenty years of experience and she is recognized as a pioneer in the field of combinatorial chemistry, particularly in the use of positional scanning libraries for the identification of ligands for a wide range of targets. In particular, in immunology she has studied antibody and T cell specificity and these studies have revealed an intricate balance between polyreactivity and specificity. During the last five years, she was the Project Director of the Large Scale T Cell Epitope Discovery program at Torrey Pines lnstitute, in which she led a team of researchers in the identification of vaccinia-specific T cell epitopes from human immunized donors. She was involved in the elucidation of the specificity of T cell clones of clinical relevance in multiple sclerosis, Lyme disease and cancer using positional scanning libraries. These and other studies have involved collaborative projects with multiple investigators at Torrey Pines lnstitute and other institutions in the United States and Europe. Dr. Pinilla has authored and co-authored more than one hundred peer-reviewed publications related to the identification of ligands and characterization of molecular interactions using individual compound analogs and mixture-based libraries.

Research Interest

 Microbiology, Immunology, Tcells, MHC, 

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