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Catarina Gomes

Catarina Gomes


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    Flow Lectin Affinity Chromatography–A Model with Sambucus nigra Agglutinin
    Author(s): M Luísa S Silva, Catarina Gomes and M Beatriz Quinaz GarciaM Luísa S Silva, Catarina Gomes and M Beatriz Quinaz Garcia

    The study of proteomes has become an important way to assess changes occurring in disease conditions. Nonetheless, the dominance of highly abundant serum proteins significantly complicates the discovery and analysis of low-abundant glycoproteins that may constitute potential disease biomarkers. Several techniques have been used to perform serum proteome partitioning such as affinity chromatography based on protein A and G, avian IgY, monoclonal antibodies and lectins. Lectins are particularly well-suited to bind and selectively isolate certain glycan structures present in complex samples like biological ones. The lectin reversibly captures glycoproteins with a particular glycostructure present in the sample in different abundance rates, yielding, after elution, an enriched pool of glycoproteins for glycoproteomic studies. However, lectin affinity chromatography (LAC) for bioch.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2168-958X.1000121

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