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Bourne PA

Bourne PA
Health and Social Demographer, Socio-Medical Research Institute,

  • Research Article
    Political Participation and Its Correlates in Jamaica: An Empirical Viewpoint
    Author(s): Bourne PA, Pryce CS, Davis AH, Francis C, Coleman OW and Solan IBourne PA, Pryce CS, Davis AH, Francis C, Coleman OW and Solan I

    The inquiry of political science, in Jamaica, has been predominantly qualitative, with the exception of voting behavior. Among the many areas in this discipline to adapt the qualitative approach is political participation. This paper focuses on assessing political participation from a quantitative perspective. Firstly, we have constructed a political participation index using primary data, which was collected in May, 2007. Secondly, we have built an econometric model, aimed at predicting political participation in Jamaica. The model seeks to establish determinants of political participation, by selecting from the literature all factors identified and proposed as having some influence on political participation. An analysis of the model has identified several testable hypotheses about political participation. We found that there are seven factors that can be used to predict political p.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2375-4435.1000163

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