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Bahadır C

Bahadır C


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    Verification of Endotracheal Intubation with Ultrasonography in Emergency Medicine Clinic
    Author(s): Mustafa K, Gokhan Y, Suha S, Bahadır C and Ismet PMustafa K, Gokhan Y, Suha S, Bahadır C and Ismet P

    Introduction and Aim: Endotracheal intubation (EI) is vital in emergency medicine where airway management is critical. In literature haven't got any gold standard method for endotracheal tube (ET) confirmation. Aim of our study is to compare sensitivity and specificity of ultrasonography (USG) that has become widespread in emergency medicine, in confirmation of ET with other methods. Materials and Methods: This study is a clinical observational prospective single-centered and conducted at Emergency Department of ─░zmir Bozyaka Training and Research Hospital in September – November 2014. All the patient above 18 years old who had been intubated because of medical indications and cardiac arrest are included. End-tidal waveform capnograph and oscultation were used. We used Ultrasonography (USG) just after incubation for confirmation of tube placement. During ventilation, both hemithor.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2155-9937.1000141

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