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Arwa Turki

Arwa Turki


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    Infrared Spectra for Alfa Fibers Treated with Thymol
    Author(s): Arwa Turki, Asma El Oudiani, Slah Msahli and Faouzi SakliArwa Turki, Asma El Oudiani, Slah Msahli and Faouzi Sakli

    In this work, we attempt to analyze the hydrogen bond network of cellulose by comparing the 2nd derivative infrared spectra of alfa fiber treated with different concentrations of thymol. It was proved, from this study, that the 2nd derivative infrared spectrum is a useful method for identifying the least changes incurred in the cellulosic supramolecular structure. It can be considered as an effective method to gain further insight on OH bond system of cellulosic materials and to clarify some grey areas in terms of infrared band assignment. The careful analysis of 2nd derivative infrared spectra of untreated and thymol treated alfa fibers revealed an increase in band intensity related to both intermolecular and intramolecular hydrogen bonds and a decrease in bands related to free hydroxyl groups... View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2168-958X.1000130

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