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Journal of Fundamentals of Renewable Energy and Applications
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Arpita Roy

Arpita Roy


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    A Review on the Biosurfactants: Properties, Types and its Applications
    Author(s): Arpita RoyArpita Roy

    Biosurfactants are surface-active molecules which are produced by the wide range of microbes including bacteria, fungi, and yeast. They have several advantages over the chemical surfactants such as higher biodegradability, lower toxicity, better environmental compatibility, high selectivity, higher foaming, and specific activity under extreme conditions such as temperature, pH, and salinity. All the surfactants now accessible in the market are synthetically orchestrated. As of late, consideration toward the biosurfactants was multiplied, which is basically because of their extensive variety of utilitarian properties and the assorted manufactured abilities of the microorganisms. Microbial biosurfactants are found to have an extensive variety of utilizations in ecological security, which incorporate upgrading oil recuperation, controlling oil slicks, biodegradation, and detoxification o.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2090-4541.1000248

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