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Anjali Mehta

Anjali Mehta
Applied Psychology and Philosophy Major,
New York

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    Save Your Cognitive Resources: Using Meditation as an Intervention for Smartphone Distractions
    Author(s): Anjali MehtaAnjali Mehta

    Introduction: As we turn to smartphones for managing our lives, we must ask how our dependence on these devices is affecting our ability to think and function in the world off-screen. The mere presence of these devices occupies our limited attentional resources, thus leaving fewer resources available for the task at hand and ultimately undercutting cognitive performance. As technology diminishes our cognitive capabilities, yoga has proven to be effective for cognitive enhancement. Objective: This paper aims to explore the extent of whether meditating for fifteen minutes immediately before a domain-general test increases ninth grade students' ability to maintain their attention on the test while their smartphones are on their desks. Method: The independent variable in this study was simply engaging in the meditation b.. Read More»

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