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Andrew D. Foey

Andrew D. Foey
School of Biomedical & Healthcare Sciences, Peninsula Schools of Medicine & Dentistry, Drake Circus,
Plymouth PL4 8AA
United Kingdom

  • Review Article
    Macrophage Polarisation: A collaboration of Differentiation, Activation and Pre-Programming?
    Author(s): Andrew D. FoeyAndrew D. Foey

    Macrophages (Mϕs) exhibit a sliding scale of functional heterogeneity ranging from pro-inflammatory, immune activatory and anti-tumoral responses to anti-inflammatory, regulatory and pro-tumoral activity. These effector responses are reflected in distinct Mϕ subsets; the M1/classically activated- and M2/alternatively activated subsets. The functional diversity is determined by the combination of Mϕ subset differentiation, activation, signalling and preprogramming in separate monocyte subsets. This diversity in Mϕ subset and functionality is also reflected in mucosal pathologies associated with chronic inflammation (Crohn’s disease, chronic periodontitis) and immunosuppression observed in solid tumours (oral squamous cell carcinoma). The relative functional plasticity between these monocytes and Mϕs represents a realistic therapeutic regimen in the treatm.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2155-9899.1000293

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