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Ajith Nilakantan

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    Identification of External Branch of the Superior Laryngeal Nerve in Thyroid Surgery: Is it Always Possible?
    Author(s): Uma Patnaik and Ajith NilakantanUma Patnaik and Ajith Nilakantan

    The External Branch of the Superior Laryngeal Nerve (EBSLN), which innervates the cricothyroid muscle, is important for voice quality. However, different identification rates for the nerve have been reported in thyroid surgery, with few surgeons not being able to identify the nerve at all. Different variants of the nerve have been described and various techniques have been used in order to identify the nerve. Our study aims to quote the identification rate of the EBSLN in thyroid surgery using standard dissection techniques. We feel that the definite prevalence of the Type III Friedman variant explains why the nerve may not be identified in a definite number of patients. The clinically relevant message of our study is that, even though it may not be possible to routinely identify the EBSLN in all cases of thyroid surgery, yet this nerve would be preserved by the standard extra capsula.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2167-7948.1000127

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