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Agarwal R

Agarwal R

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    Significance of User-Generated Content in Travel and Tourism: An Exploratory Study
    Author(s): Shivakumar Krishnamurti and Agarwal RShivakumar Krishnamurti and Agarwal R

    The study examines the role of blogs as a source of information to travelers (residents of UAE) who wish to visit countries, choose hotels to stay and eat in different restaurants. The objectives of the study are to know the reasons why travelers are motivated to use blogs as a source of information, whether travelers share their views and experiences with other bloggers and to know the travelers future intentions towards blogging. The study revealed the following: The majority of the surveyed travelers have the motivation to blog to express what they feel about the countries visited, the hotels where they wish to stay, and the restaurants they plan to visit. Blogs help the travelers to comment on what other bloggers say about the hotels where the respondents have stayed and the restaurants they have visited. Blogging helps to search for information about hotels where the respondents .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2167-0269.1000137

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