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Articles published in Applied Microbiology: Open Access have been cited by esteemed scholars and scientists all around the world. Applied Microbiology: Open Access has got h-index 10, which means every article in Applied Microbiology: Open Access has got 10 average citations.

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Year wise published articles

55 17 10 16 12 20

Year wise citations received

107 98 80 42 39 8
Journal total citations count 416
Journal impact factor 3.69
Journal 5 years impact factor 3.35
Journal cite score 4.47
Journal h-index 10
Journal h-index since 2017 10
Important citations

Anvar, seyed amir ali, hamed ahari, and nasim mojarrad. "antimicrobial effect of carvacrol on aspergillus flavus and reduce expression of aflr gene in the aflatoxin biosynthetic pathway." food & health 3, no. 1 (2020): 1-5.

Siamea against gram-bacteria s. malaysian journal of microbiology.

Desai d, kukreja g, dhundale v, rokade s, hajare s. research article identification of potential antifungal metabolite producing pseudomonas tolaasii strain gd76 obtained from contaminated agar plate.

Fuego bn, romano kg, pinlac cd, lirio ga. evaluation of the antimicrobial activity of endophytic fungus isolated from cocos nucifera (l.) cotyledon against medically-important pathogens. journal of biosciences and medicines. 2021 jan 27;9(01):86.

Jayaraj k, pius a. assessment of the impact of swachh bharat abhiyan on the quality of soil and water sources in and around dindigul, tamil nadu. international journal of engineering research and technology. 2017;6(11).

Sawant a, rodrigues bf, sardessai y. anti-microbial and anti-cancer activity of setosphaeria monoceras, an endophytic fungus associated with tropical mangrove plant.

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Tanvir r, javeed a, bajwa ag. endophyte bioprospecting in south asian medicinal plants: an attractive resource for biopharmaceuticals. applied microbiology and biotechnology. 2017 mar 1;101(5):1831-44.

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Mouafo ht, tchuenchieu ad, nguedjo mw, edoun fl, tchuente br, medoua gn. in vitro antimicrobial activity of millettia laurentii de wild and lophira alata banks ex cf gaertn on selected foodborne pathogens associated to gastroenteritis. heliyon. 2021 apr 1;7(4):e06830.

Jamil as, rofida s, priyani d, nabila w, wulandari e. phytochemical screening and antimicrobial activity of limonia acidissima ethanol extract against microbes from clinical isolates.

Abou-taleb k, abdel-khalek h, mattar z, ramadan e, abdel-hamid n. screening of some egyptian plant extracts for biological activity against some pathogenic bacteria.

Salehuddin ns, hanafiah rb, ghafar sa. antibacterial activity of acmella paniculata extracts against streptococcus mutans. international journal of research in pharmaceutical sciences. 2020.

Acharya k, ghosh s, biswas r. chemical composition and bioactivity of methanolic extract obtained from lepista sordida. brazilian journal of pharmaceutical sciences. 2019 dec 20;55.

Anupam a, palankar s, patil sj, prasad lr. traditional indian medicinal plants: synthesis, characterization and antibacterial property of agnps against mdr strains.

Likasari id, astuti rw, yahya a, isnaini n, purwiandono g, hidayat h, wicaksono wp, fatimah i. nio nanoparticles synthesized by using tagetes erecta l leaf extract and their activities for photocatalysis, electrochemical sensing, and antibacterial features. chemical physics letters. 2021 oct 1;780:138914.

Toribio-hernandez e, grande-romero yc. efecto bioinsecticida de tagetes erecta (asteraceae) sobre la mosca sierra del pino zadiprion vallicola (diprionidae). madera y bosques. 2020;26(1).

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Rathod t, padalia h, chanda s. synergistic anticandidal activity of two terminalia species with polyene and azole group of antibiotics against multidrug-resistant clinical isolates of candida. asian journal of pharmaceutical and clinical research. 2018 jan 1:138-42.

Aadesariya mk, gauni bm, duggirala sm, ram vr, vyas sj. antibacterial activity of abutilon pannosum and grewia tenax leaves extracts.

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