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Journal of Down Syndrome & Chromosome Abnormalities
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Women's Awareness Towards Prenatal Down Syndrome Tests in Bulgaria

Levkova M, Hachmeriyan M, Miteva V, Stoyanova M, Tsvetkova M, Konstantinova D and Angelova L

Objective: For the past several years the screening and diagnostic tests for Down syndrome have evolved rapidly with the introduction of the non-invasive prenatal testing. However, not all of the women are aware of new test options. That is why the aim of our survey is to investigate the women’s awareness towards prenatal Down syndrome tests in Bulgaria.

Methods: А survey was conducted among 500 randomly selected females from 18 to 47. It was designed as a prospective study carried out both online and at the genetic counseling office in the Laboratory of Medical Genetics, Varna. All the information was collected between January 2018 and June 2018.

Results: 384 (76.3%) of the women received information about the different tests option from their obstetrician. The rest 116 (23.7%) were self-educated. In total 345 (68.5%) of the females were satisfied with the Down syndrome tests information provided by their obstetrician. They had better knowledge of what biochemical screening is - 128 (25.4%) marked very good and 207 (41.2%) - good . When asked about the NIPT test, 202 (40.2%) did not know what NIPT was. 222 (44.4%) defined their knowledge about the amniocentesis as very good or good. However, only 65 (13.0%) would definitely undergo this procedure, if indicated. According to the results, for 346 (68.8%) women the accuracy of the test is most important when choosing a method for Down syndrome testing. Although the price was placed third as a factor for preferring a prenatal Down syndrome test, almost 80% of the questioned women said that they are willing to pay no more than 150 euros.

Conclusion: The results from the survey demonstrate the lack of knowledge about the offered screening and diagnostic tests for Down syndrome, especially NIPT. Better education and counseling of women during their pregnancy consultations are recommended