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Voriconazole used for Treatment of Tracheobronchial Aspergillosis: A Report of Two Cases

Chang Ran Zhang, Ming Li, Jian Cong Lin, Wen Ming XU, Yuan Yuan Niu and Hui Shao Ye

Tracheobronchial aspergillosis mainly involves the trachea, primary bronchus and segmental bronchus. The main symptoms including dyspnea, asthma and cough. Bronchoscopic findings supply the main evidence for diagnosis. Voriconazole has been widely used as azole antifungal agent in recent years, which is also a first-line drug in the treatment of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis (IPA), but rare report exists in the treatment of tracheobronchial aspergillosis. Two patients have been remitted with Voriconazole in this study, and it was found that Voriconazole could improve therapeutic effect and shorten therapeutic time with less adverse effects.