Visitors Flow and Economic Importance of Kuriftu Resort, Bishoftu East Shewa, Ethiopia | Abstract
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Journal of Tourism & Hospitality
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Visitors Flow and Economic Importance of Kuriftu Resort, Bishoftu East Shewa, Ethiopia

Dereje Chukala*

Tourism is an important component of the service economy and incorporates such services as entertainment, hotels and leisure and also it is an ever expanding service industry with vast growth potential and has therefore become one of the crucial concerns of the nations and international community as a whole. Bishoftu is a small town that is rich in tourism resources and cultural heritage. Among its tourism resources, its several lakes are the relevant. It is a resort town, known for seven crater lakes. Kuriftu resort is one of the places which are visited by local and foreign visitors which are situated in Bishoftu town in Lake Kuriftu. The main data type used in this study was both primary and secondary data. The primary data was collected through questionnaire and face-to-face interview from the sample population through Interviews, and extended personal observations. Whereas secondary data was collected through the researcher have employed published and unpublished sources such as books, journals, magazines, articles and other sources. questionnaires was distributed to office experts, managers/owners those who are involve in the resort such as accommodation, and local communities employed in the resorts. For interview, the researcher was employed random sampling and purposive method of sampling. As the result of interview made with visitors low level of infrastructure, lack of trained man power in the resorts, political instability of the country, and the like are challenges which faced by the visitors during their journey to kuriftu.

Published Date: 2023-01-12; Received Date: 2022-12-12

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