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Virtual Surgical Simulation of Plate Setback for Reconstruction in an Edentulous Patient Following Segmental Mandibulectomy

Hitoshi Miyashita, Naoko Sato, Takashi Kochi, Naoyuki Takagi and Tetsu Takahashi

To restore continuity of the mandible after segmental mandibulectomy, a reconstruction plate with soft tissue transfer can be used as an alternative option to osseocutaneous tissue transfer. However, many surgeons carefully consider the use of this technique for central mandibulectomy defects because of the high rate of plate exposure. Although plate setback has been demonstrated to reduce plate-related complications, little information is available. This report describes the virtual surgical simulation of plate setback for reconstruction following segmental central mandibulectomy in a patient who was to become edentulous with anticipated postoperative lip incompetence and dysphasia.