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Urinary Nerve Growth Factor Could Predict the Impact of Overactive Bladder on Female Sexual Function

Ahmed M Hagras, Abdelhaseib S Saad and Adel Al-Kholy

Objectives: Estimation of Urinary Nerve Growth Factor (uNGF) and heparin-binding epidermal growth factor (uHBEGF) for diagnosis of Overactive Bladder (OAB) in adult females and its relationship with female sexual dysfunction (FSD) and Quality Of Life (QOL).

Patients and methods: Women with both FSD and OAB were evaluated subjectively using FSF Index (FSFI), OAB symptom score (OABSS), OAB q and QOL scale. Women had FSFI ≤ 29 and OABSS>8 were enrolled as Study group and 20 women free of OAB and SD as Control group. Urinary NGF and HB-EGF levels were ELISA estimated and the ratio to urinary creatinine was calculated.

Results: Levels and ratios of urinary NGF and HB-EGF were significantly higher in study women especially with wet OAB. Urinary HB-EGF levels showed negative and positive correlation with FSFI and OABSS, respectively. Urinary NGF/Cr was correlated positively with OABSS and negatively with FSFI and QOL scores and a ratio of 8-15 pg/ mg is suggestive, but at ≥ 15 is indicative for FSD. Urinary NGF level at 420 pg/ml is predictive of FSFI at<30.

Conclusion: OAB especially wet type affects female’s QOL and SF. Urinary NGF is significantly correlated with impact of OAB on QOL and SF and could predict FSD.