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Journal of Hotel and Business Management
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The Process Approach to Manage Changes in the Organization

Joanna Jasińska and Hab

The aim of this article is both an attempt to identify the relationship between various disciplines of management sciences (change management, process management) and the reference to the issue of their integration. This seems to be a significant problem in the context of the inevitability of making changes in the organization (with a relatively fast pace), and still rising complexity of the organization, with at the same time decreasing of their operations recurrence. The article is a review − it integrates and interprets the current state of knowledge in the area of change management, processes management and projects management, pointing to the need and opportunities for integration/symbiosis of various sub-disciplines of management. It was developed primarily using the critical analysis of literature.

Published Date: 2019-01-27; Received Date: 2018-12-16