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Journal of Hotel and Business Management
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The Impact of Work-Family Conflict on Turnover Intentions: The Moderating Role of Perceived Family Supportive Supervisor Behavior

Muhammad Asghar, Nida Gull, Mohsin Bashir and Muhammad Akbar

Despite broad examination of predictors for turnover and turnover intentions, most studies have concentrated on attitudinal and behavioral facets of individual employee. Although the literature on work-family conflict and turnover intention is quite extensive, previous research has not examined the resource gains and social support as moderators by relating these with work-family conflict and turnover intentions. The aim of this study is to examine the effects of work-family conflict and family-work conflict on turnover intentions by considering family supportive supervisor behavior as a moderator. Hypothesizes of this research is that the perceived family supportive supervisor behavior moderates the relationship between work-family and family-work conflict on turnover intentions. Sample data is collected from 250 respondent doctors working in the hospitals of two major cities in Pakistan which lack in supervisor support and where tough schedules are followed. Demographic variables and correlation analysis was conducted to identify work-family conflict, family-work conflict and turnover intentions. Multiple regression analysis was applied to empirically test the proposed hypotheses and process macro test run for moderation. Reliability of each part of instrument was calculated which was in acceptable range. Experimental analysis of the research verifies the hypothesis that there is a buffering effect of family supportive supervisor behavior on the relationship of work-family and family-work conflict regarding turnover intentions. To illustrate the proposed framework, theoretical and practical implications are discussed in detail.