The Impact of Strategic Planning on Crisis Management Styles in the 5-Star Hotels | Abstract
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Journal of Hotel and Business Management
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The Impact of Strategic Planning on Crisis Management Styles in the 5-Star Hotels

Karam MG

This study investigates crisis management styles (escaping, confrontation, cooperation and containment) and their relationship to strategic planning processes in the 5-star hotels. The study used descriptive analytical method with qualitative and quantitative approaches. 190 self-administered e-mail questionnaires are sent to all the general managers at the Egyptian five-star hotels. The results indicated that there is a statistically significant correlation and effect relationship between strategic planning processes and crisis management styles, which was negative between strategic planning and escape, and is positive between strategic planning, and confrontation, cooperation and containment. The findings implied the significance role of strategic planning in times of crises to improve hotels’ ability to survive and thrive in a crisis. Manager who actively exercises strategic planning is less escapable and more able to manage the crisis either by using the style of cooperation, confrontation or containment. Hence, hotels should employ a strategic approach to crisis management by embodying crisis management planning in the strategy process. Hotels should working on making crisis management as an integral and integrated part with strategic planning. Considering and planning for both at the same time help hotels to think and plan strategically during the midst of crisis and increases their ability to manage a crisis successfully.