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Journal of Hotel and Business Management
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The Effect of Training on Employees Performance: in Selected Commercial Bank of Ethiopia in Dawro Zone

Getahun Shanko

In current era highly volatile business environment organizations are facing emerging challenges in form of acquisition and optimization of human resource. Being valuable and scarce capabilities, human resources are considered as a source of sustainable competitive advantage. The prosperity of an organization depends upon several factors but the most crucial factor that affects the organization performance is its employee. Human resources play an integral role in achieving an innovative and high-quality product/ accommodation. One major area of the Human Resource Management function of particular pertinence to the efficacious utilization of human resources is training and development. The consequentiality of training and development as a central role of management has long been apperceived. The one contribution a manager is uniquely expected to make is to give others vision and competency to perform. 

Published Date: 2020-07-29;