Swelling of Extremities: Primary Lymphedema? | Abstract
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Swelling of Extremities: Primary Lymphedema?

González L, Alcalde C, Puente S, Velasco R, García P and Centeno F

Background: Primary lymphedema is a rare disorder, affecting mainly pediatric patients. It results from maldevelopment of the lymphatic vasculature. Its differential diagnosis is wide and includes secondary lymphedema (the most frequent), and several syndromes.
Methods: We report the case of an 8 month old girl who presents primary lymphedema, and we review the literature published on the topic.
Conclusions: Diagnosis of primary lymphedema might be difficult since several syndromes might present swelling. We have recently diagnosed a case of primary lymphedema. Since it is a pretty rare disorder we find it interesting for the scientific community, to learn about it. Besides, we want to emphasize the fact that performing nuclear medicine before magnetic resonance or computed tomography, avoids sedation and risk associated, hence it should be the first test to be performed. The second fact to stress is that an accurate diagnosis might be made by an adult-specialized nuclear medicine service, avoiding the inconvenience of going to a pediatric centre which might be far in distance.