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Journal of Hotel and Business Management
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Strategy Research and Education in the Critical Sector of Tourism - Comparative Assessment at International and Greek Level

Varelas S and Georgopoulos N

The scope of this paper is to analyse and record the theoretical background of strategic management in the tourism industry and businesses, from the standpoint of education. The objective of this study is to present research on strategic management in the critical sector of tourism and hospitality businesses in particular. Through a review of the surveys carried out so far, we seek to analyses the research concern about education in tourism, as well as the contribution of strategic management. In the context of this work, we present tourism education and its development at international level, with special emphasis on the Greek education system. The same comparative assessment, both at international and Greek level, is made separately for the discipline of strategy as distinct aspect of business administration. Lastly, for the purposes of the research, a field study was carried out among Greek hotel businesses, reflecting the emphasis placed by business executives on education and their insights into strategic management theories.