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Sports Injuries among Young Basketball Players: A Retrospective Study

Fabio do Nascimento Bastos, Leonardo Carvalho, Jayme Netto Júnior, Franciele Marques Vanderlei, Luiz Carlos Marques Vanderlei and Carlos Marcelo Pastre

Young of both sexes practicing basketball are becoming more frequent and this consequently increases the risk of sports injury. Therefore, the objective was to analyze the characteristics of injuries and associated personal and training characteristics in young basketball players of both sexes. Methods: One-year retrospective cross-sectional survey with 580 basketball players. Basketball players were interviewed using the Reported Condition Inquiry. This questionnaire contains items addressing anthropometric data and characteristics of injuries having occurred in the previous 12 months. Results: A total of 167 of the interviewees reported injuries. Significant differences were detected regarding all variables and both sexes (except age, body mass index and duration of practice in males) between athletes who had suffered injury and those who had not. A greater number of injuries occurred in females older than 14.44 years in comparison to younger females (OR: 3.66; 95% CI: 1.85–7.21). In younger and lighter female athletes, the injuries were predominantly in the knee and ankle/foot. Conclusions: The male gender exhibited a greater risk of injury than the female gender. Greater age, weight and height were risk factors in both sexes. The most affected anatomic sites were the ankle/foot and knee.