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Journal of Tourism & Hospitality
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Six Sigma and the Malaysian Hotel Industry

Johanudin Lahap, Khairil Anuar Bahri, Noorsa Riza Johari, Muhammad Shakir Zulkapli and Noraslinda Mohd Said

This paper is developed to examine the significance of Six Sigma Methodology towards the improvement of the Malaysian Hotel Industry. It was known that there are many strategies that had been developed over the years to improve service quality and delivery in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. The industry by norm is known to use service deliverer; therefore, seeking the best method to increase employee job performance is seen to be vital. From the review of the literature it was found that they are several hospitality and tourism organizations used Six Sigma to enhance their service delivery efficiency. Six Sigma, 6σ symbolizes a specific number, which is 3.4 defects per million opportunities (DPMO), where opportunity is understood as any possible source of error in product, process, or service. There are three principles that build Six Sigma approach and they are: a) teamwork, b) statistical control process (SPC) and c) shared vision. Nonetheless, this paper will focus on a single constituent of Six Sigma that is ‘Shared Vision’.