Journal of Chromatography & Separation Techniques

Journal of Chromatography & Separation Techniques
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ISSN: 2157-7064


Premnine HCl Estimation in Selected Formulations of ‘Dashmul’ and in Chloroform Extract of Premna integrifolia L. by a Selective, Validated and Developed HPTLC Fingerprint Method

Attarde DL, Pal SC and Bhambar RS

HPTLC technique developed as validated method for estimation of Premnine HCl in P. integrifolia chloroform extract (PI-AK) and in selected marketed formulations ‘Dashmul arishta’,‘Dashmul kadha’ in 3 × 3 batches as per ICH guidelines. Premnine HCl (Pr-s) was isolated as per literature from P. integrifolia and focused first time as standard bioactive marker for quantification. Developed mobile phase Toluene: Acetone: Diethylamine (7:2:1) for Pr-S gave Rf 0.59 at λ max 283 nm in densitometric scan, focused for specificity, fingerprint and estimation study in PI-AK and selected formulation successively. Linearity assessed in range of 8 to 16 μg /band with regression coefficient of 0.9983, LOD 0.742 μg/Band, LOQ 2.225, also robust for Pr-S. Accuracy for % recovery performed on extract as well on formulation, further subjected for precision study with application one way ANOVA for finding F value, found within limit therefore no significance of variance. A rapid and selective HPTLC method shows good linearity, recovery and high precision, useful method for analysis of Pr-S and as quality control parameter for raw material as well formulation as per foremost need of WHO, FDA and Pharmacopoeia.