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Predictors of Perforated Appendix among Children

Kamlesh Kumar Jha, Shilpa Singh, Shruti Trehan, Gregory E Gilbert, Aisha Mohammed, Moon Hee Hur, Joseph Uricchio, Shama Shirazi, Pragya Jha and Romeen Lavani

Objective: This study explores whether nominal demographics, symptoms, signs and laboratory predictors can determine a perforated appendix in pediatric population at an urban community hospital. Methods: A retrospective analysis was performed including variables such as demographics, clinical signs, symptoms and laboratory predictors. The patient population consisted of all children between the ages of 0 and 18 years who were treated for acute appendicitis between January 2014-December 2014. Patients with perforated appendicitis were identified using coding data. Results: During the 1-year period, 74 patients were treated for appendicitis. Using correlation and logistic regression, nineteen variables were assessed for any relationship to a ruptured appendix in these patients. No substantial correlations were detected. Conclusions: There have been reports of racial and socioeconomic disparities with regards to perforated appendicitis in children. However, there is not enough evidence in the literature that supports the prediction of perforated appendix based on clinical and laboratory values. This study, at Saint Anthony Hospital, found no correlation between socioeconomic status, clinical presentation, laboratory values and ruptured appendix.