Journal of Probiotics & Health

Journal of Probiotics & Health
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Omnipresence of Probiotics in Diversified Clinical Practices

Sima Singh, Niranjan Goud Kotla and Uma Ranjan Lal

As reviewed in details about the bidirectional relationship between the positive influence of probiotics and wellness of humans. Beneficial effects of probiotics in the present scenario are recently developed very popular due to its therapeutics responsible for human health in different diseased conditions. Despite the globally popularity of health benefits of probiotics, there is only very little information available on the advantages and application of probiotics. According to the National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine in connection with the American Society for Microbiology and FAO/WHO focused on account beneficial effects of probiotics in different diseased conditions of patients because of its unconstrained power in the treatment of various diseases and disorders especially gastro intestinal and cancer diseases. On the basis of accumulating data available on literature have strongly linked with human health. Hence, the present review reflected on an overview on the use of probiotics organisms as live supplements, with specific importance on Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium spp. Increasing knowledge on probiotics is delighting, but in the near future it must be specified that which probiotics are most effective in specific diseases conditions. Well-designed, randomized clinical trials are still required to further define the role of probiotics as preventive and therapeutic agents. The purpose of this review is to give current state of awareness about probiotics and their influence on our well-being.