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Nitrogen Fertilizer Effects on Nitrous Oxide Emission from Southwest Brazilian Amazon Pastures

André Mancebo Mazzetto, Arlete Simões Barneze, Brigitte Josefine Feigl, Carlos Eduardo Pellegrino Cerri and Carlos Clemente Cerri

Beef production is one of the most important agricultural activities in Brazil. In order to increase production without increasing deforestation, farmers are intensifying breeding and pasture improvements. The main technique for increasing pasture improvement is the application nitrogen fertilizer, but this action can result in emission of nitrous oxide (N2O). We assessed the impact of nitrogen fertilizer application on GHG emissions and pasture yield in a pasture located at Southwest Brazilian Amazon. Agronomic recommended rates of nitrogen fertilizer (NF) and higher rates, as two times (2NF) and four times (4NF) the recommended rate were applied. A control treatment with no fertilizer was also analysed. The experiment had 30 days duration, where we observed the baseline emissions from all treatments, including control. Nitrogen fertilizer application resulted in high N2O emissions. We found no differences between NF and 2NF treatments, but all treatments were different from control. The higher forage yield leads to low N2O emission per kg of forage in 4NF treatment. According to our study, the best (agro-environmental benefits) practice is the application of 100 kg N ha-1 (2NF treatment) in the region studied