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Journal of Clinical Trials
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Multiple Skin Ulcerations Revealing a Paraneoplasic Dermatomyositis

El Moussaoui N, Abdou A, Znati K, Ismaili N, Benzekri L, Hassam B and Senouci K

Adult dermatomyositis is a rare inflammatory myopathy associated with typical cutaneous lesions and an increased incidence of internal malignancy, notably female genital tract and breast cancers. It presents as a paraneoplastic syndrome in up to 25% of cases. In this report, we present a case of a 68 year old woman presenting a paraneoplastic dermatomyositis revealed by necrotic skin ulcerations. Predictive factors can improve prognosis of dermatomyositis due to earlier diagnosis of associated cancer. In our observation as in litterature review, cutaneous necrosis lesions are highly predictive of an associated neoplasia.