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Maternal and Nutritional Determinants of LBW Based: A Hospital-Based Study in SCCL Main Hospital Kothagudem

Ramisetty Neeharika*, Sam David K, Srujana P, Nagaraju M, Dhanalakshmi M and Nagarajuna Reddy G

Background: This is a prospective study aimed to assess the incidence and associated maternal risk factors of low birth weight among newborn babies born in SCCL main hospital, Kothagudem, Telangana.

Method: The present study was a prospective observational study. It was conducted for a period of 6 months from Jan 2018 to June 2018. A suitable data collection form was designed for study. As per the inclusion and exclusion criteria, the following data was collected from data sources. The collected data were compiled in Microsoft office access 2010 format. The data was analyzed using graph pad prism version 5.0.

Results: A total of two hundred and fifty (250) patients were studied. Data collection was done through a designed data collection form consisting of demographic characters, educational level.

Antenatal Data, Neonatal data. The results of the study showed that the Incidence of Low Birth Weight (LBW) was found to be 15%. Out of 250 cases, 212 cases (85%) accounted for Normal Birth Weight (NBW), weighing more than >2,500 grams 38 cases were found to be Low Birth Weight (LBW) accounting for 15%, weighing below <2,500. Male and female neonates percentage was found to be 34.2% (13 cases) and 65.7% (25 cases)4 respectively. Mother’s Mean Hb% in LBW and NBW was 10.32 ± 1.06, 10.48 ± 1.57 respectively. Mean birth space was 2.66 ± 2.16, 4.0 ± 2.73 in LBW and NBW respectively. Mean gestational weeks was 35.63 ± 2.66 and 36.50 ± 3.028 in LBW and NBW respectively. Mean birth weight was 2.02 ± 0.304, 3.2 ± 0.41 in LBW and NBW respectively.

Conclusion: It was concluded that there is a relationship between maternal height, Gravida, Consanguinity, Mode of delivery, Gender of baby, Haemoglobin %, H/O previous abortions and H/O present illness with Low Birth Weight. In order to reduce LBW, there should be better education regarding the care to be taken for pregnant women.

Published Date: 2019-05-29; Received Date: 2019-04-19