Management of Autism Spectrum Disorders | Abstract
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Management of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Rekha M*

There is no well known cure for autism even though those with Asperger syndrome and those who have autism and entail little-to-no support are more likely to understanding a reduction of symptoms over instance quite a lot of intervention can be of assistance children with autism. The main goals of management are to reduce related discrepancy and family anguish, and to enlarge eminence of life and purposeful self determination. In common, elevated IQs are simultaneous with greater accessibility to performance and improved treatment outcomes. Even though evidence-based interventions for autistic children vary in their methods, many assume a psycho educational approach to enhancing cognitive, statement, and social skills while minimize problem behaviours. It has been argued that no single treatment is best and treatment is characteristically modified to the child's needs

Published Date: 2020-11-21; Received Date: 2020-11-01