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Juvenile Angiofibroma Occurring in an Unusual Site: Report of a Case

Artur Bartosz Niedzielski, Tomasz Horoch, Grażyna Mielnik-Niedzielska, Agnieszka Brodzisz and Malgorzata Zdunek

Extra Nosopharyngeal Angiofibromas (ENA) is a tumor of fibrotic and angiovascular consistency which are localized outside the nasopharyngx (i.e. nasal septum). The clinical characteristic of ENA and JNA (juvenile angiofiborma) is not conclusive and the diagnosis of the ENA is problematic. The nine year old girl was administered to the Children Otolaryngology Clinic. The histopathological examination proved that the removed mass was angiofibroma. According to literature and our clinical experience it is important to be aware of the atypical localization of the juvenile angiofibromas. According to literature only about 15 cases of the similar case were reported.