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Influence of Online Sources and Social Networking Sites on Breastfeeding Rate and Practices in Jordan

Eman F. Badran*, Noor N. Aldamiri, Azhar Shamasneh, Lana M. Braik, Sabika S. Allehdan and Reema F. Tayyem

Objective: This study asses the influence of using mobile health in supporting breastfeeding through online sources and Social Network Sites (SNS) among pregnant and lactating mothers on EBF rates and practices at one and two months postpartum.

Design: A cross-sectional study with initial face-to-face interviews using structured questionnaire followed up with telephone interviews at one and two months postpartum was conducted at University Hospital over two months period. A convenient sample of 181. Jordanian women in their third trimester of pregnancy was recruited. The included data were: personal characteristics, breastfeeding intention and rate at 1 and 2 months, and questions about the use of online researching or different SNS resources, in providing necessary information for breastfeeding, along with how much the information was trusted and if it had an impact on BF practices. Breastfeeding status and use of online resources were assessed at the initial and follow-up Interviews.

Results: Online sources were used by 74% of participants. They most often used Google (44%), followed by Facebook (24.6%), as significant sources of obtaining and sharing information with others for breastfeeding support. Moreover, 82.5% of those users did so before giving birth, and were overwhelmingly confident (92.5%) in the accuracy of the obtained information. Users (n=134) were significantly more likely than non-users (n=47) to indicate that online sources enhanced breastfeeding practices and influenced their decision to continue EBF. Using these sites during pregnancy was associated with a significantly higher EBF rate among users at the first month and second month postpartum respectively.

Conclusion: The study demonstrated high use of online and SNS resources that enhanced BF practices and rate at one and two months of age. In areas where breastfeeding programs
are lacking, there is a need to design interactive mobile health platforms to motivate women to engage in breastfeeding during pregnancy.

Published Date: 2020-05-23; Received Date: 2020-04-06