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Journal of Probiotics & Health
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Genome-Nutrifortified Diets-Their Disease Protection and Remedy Potential

Rab FA

In olden days food was considered merely to be a feed that supply nutrients and energy providing components to the living body whereas illness used to be considered to be impairment of body function either in response of any external stimuli such as microbes allergens etc., or some indigenous stimuli e.g., pathological event no matter whatsoever is, but it is evident by latest understanding on knowledge that food fills remedy. We have already submitted work revealing the underlying mechanism of impact of food on dynamics of ailment. In recent years food has been a key means to pollute the living entities including Human Body leading to cause a huge number of noncontagious diseases including mental ailment, Rab has demonstrated simple ways to validate the Food Safety domestically as well as to make them safer for consumption within domestically available facilities. In the underdeveloping region of Globe, inspite of availability of the extremely effective antibiotics, infectious diseases are still the key factors responsible for high rate of mortality whereas on other hand, extreme pollution and adulteration have contributed to raise the incidences of non-infectious ailments, inspite of having mal-nutrition as an additional factor, the incidences of Non-Contagious ailment has not raised as it is anticipated, the diet and social set up have played a significant role to buffer the non-contagious ailment in these global regions. This piece of work on Genome- Nutrifortified Diets discloses the scientifically modified recipes of a few health supporting food preparations widely taken in diet effecting the genomic modulation demonstrating the Healthy Phenotypic Profile on regular intake on individuals, whereas the active mechanism of accumulative active ingredients effect in modulating ailments providing a buffer would be discussed in our future Publications.

Published Date: 2018-08-06; Received Date: 2018-06-27