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Feasibility Study of Bolus 5-Fluorouracil+L-Leucovorin as Salvage Line Chemotherapy for Oral Fluorouracil-Resistant Unresectable Gastric Cancer: Hokkaido Gastrointestinal Cancer Study Group Study HGCSG1502

Tetsuhito Muranaka, Yoshito Komatsu, Masataka Yagisawa, Kentaro Sawada, Kazuaki Harada, Yasuyuki Kawamoto, Hiroshi Nakatsumi, Satoshi Yuki, Kota Ono, Shuhei Kawahata, Yoshimitsu Kobayashi, Susumu Sogabe, Takuto Miyagishima, Kazuteru Hatanaka, Takahide Sasaki, Masayoshi Dazai, Ichiro Iwanaga, Atsushi Ishiguro, Michio Nakamura, Naoya Sakamoto and Yuh Sakata

In November 2015 we began a feasibility study of salvage line chemotherapy with 5-fluorouracil and l-leucovorin given in an intravenous bolus once weekly followed by a 2-week rest period within a 8-week cycle in patients with gastric cancer resistant to other chemotherapies. This study aims to assess the safety and efficacy of this treatment and determine whether the treatment has an adverse effect on patients’ quality of life. In total, 38 patients with chemotherapy-resistant advanced or recurrent gastric cancer will be recruited to this study. The primary end point is 8-week progression-free survival after the date of first treatment; the major secondary end points are progressionfree survival, overall survival, and quality of life assessed by European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer QLQ-C30 (quality of life score-30) and QLQ-STO22 (quality of life for gastric cancer patients) questionnaires. Based on the results of the study, we will conduct further trials to compare this treatment with best supportive care only.