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Endovascular Treatment of an Incidental Subclavian Artery Aneurysm Using a Balloon Expandable BeGraft Aortic Covered Stent

Perawish Suwathep, Aazeb Khan, Krishna Venigalla, Stephen D Souza and Bella Huasen

Subclavian artery aneurysm is a rare peripheral aneurysm with risk of rupture and thromboembolic disease. This report describes a case of 64 years old male with an incidental left subclavian artery saccular aneurysm proximal to its origin, causing difficulty for open surgical repair. Endovascular treatment has been increasingly recognised as an alternative option. Although not commonly used outside aortic coarctation and iliac arteries, BeGraft Aortic stents were chosen off-label for treatment resulting in a complete exclusion of the aneurysm. There were no complications noted in the follow-ups 1 and 8 months.