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Effect of Magnetic Field on Torsional Surface Waves in Non-Homogeneous Viscoelastic Medium

Rajneesh Kakar, Monika Rani adn K. C. Gupta

This paper deals with the propagation of magnetoelastic torsional waves in nonhomogeneous viscoelastic cylindrically aeolotropic material. The elastic constants and non-homogeneity in density of the material are in the form ij ij  C rand    r respectively, where Cij 0, are constants; r is radius vector; l and m are any integers. Frequency equation in each case has been derived and the graphs have been plotted showing the effect of variation of elastic constants and the presence of magnetic field. It is observed that the torsional elastic waves in a viscoelastic solid body propagating under the influence of a superimposed magnetic field can be different significantly from that of those propagating in the absence of a magnetic field. The numerical calculations have been presented graphically by using MATLAB.