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Congenital Linear Becker?s Nevus, with Underlying Breast Hypoplasia that Spontaneously Corrected during Pregnancy: Role of Androgen Receptors

SJ Felton, Al-Niaimi F, Thornton J and Lyon CC

Becker’s nevus is a pigmented cutaneous hamartoma that is normally localized to the upper torso. It is more commonly found in adolescent males and may form part of the Becker’s nevus syndrome, in association with other features which may include overlying hypertrichosis, chest wall, breast or limb hypoplasia and scoliosis. Congenital and linear lesions have been reported but are very rare. We describe here a case of a congenital, linear nevus with histological features diagnostic of a Becker’s nevus, with associated underlying breast hypoplasia. We confirm increased androgen receptors within her nevus and consequently, when our patient became pregnant, her relative antiandrogen profile enabled physiological enlargement of the previously hypoplastic breast beneath this nevus