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Application of the Final DSM-5 Criteria for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Satoshi Sumi, Taishi Miyachi, Kimie Ohya, Kei Ohashi and Shinji Saitoh

Background: DSM-5 has received considerable attention all over the world. This study aimed to compare the diagnostic outcomes using a lack of number of DSM-IV-TR and the final version of DSM-5.

Methods: One hundred eighty children under 5 years old at risk for neurodevelopmental disorders had been detected by a regional screening system in Nagoya, Japan. We collected their information from diagnostic records including scores of the Pervasive Developmental Disorders Autism Society Japan Rating Scale.

Results: All 8 cases with autistic disorder and all 27 with Asperger's disorder corresponded to the ASD criterion. Although 2 cases with PDD-NOS were suspected of social communication disorder, 27 cases with PDD-NOS corresponded to ASD. Among 47 cases with specific language impairment, 5 cases were suspected of social communication disorder .

Conclusion: Most of the cases (62/64) with PDDs met the ASD criterion, but the abolition of subcategories of PDDs results in one criteria of ASD covering a wide range, from extremely severe to more mild types. Further investigation and discussion are necessary for an appropriate use of DSM-5.