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ISSN: 2165-7890


Addressing Anxiety, a Comorbidity of Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Case Report Using Qigong Sensory Training Methods

Mardi Crane-Godreau* and Peter Payne

Anxiety is a commonly occurring co-morbidity of autism spectrum disorders. Estimates of its frequency vary from 11% to 84%. It is the most frequently cited source of distress among those with ASD. This case report of anxiety in an 11-year-old boy with a medical diagnosis of autism and severe anxiety disorder details medical and social history of anxiety and panic attacks before and after receiving Qigong Sensory Training (QST) therapy. Significance of the use of non-pharmacological approaches that aim to address developmental neurological deficits is discussed.

Published Date: 2019-10-16; Received Date: 2019-08-26