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Acute Uncomplicated Appendicitis and Umbilical Hernia in Children: Open Umbilical Appendectomy an Alternative to the Laparoscopic Approach

Tembely Samba, da Silva Anoma Silvia and Dieth Atafy Gaudens

Introduction: Due to the lack of popularization of laparoscopy in our context, we performed umbilical appendectomies, when the diagnosis of acute appendicitis was done on patients presenting an umbilical hernia. The aim of our study was to describe this umbilical approach and to report treatment outcomes in comparison with laparoscopic appendectomy in the literature.
Patients and method: This was a prospective and analytical study taking place over 18 months. The study took place in two private hospitals in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire). Studied parameters were: the size of the umbilical hernia collar, the localization of the appendix, the duration of the intervention, the food recovery, the hospital stay, and the postoperative complications.
Results: Mean collar size was 24.2 ± 16.9 mm [extreme 5-65 mm]. The appendix was in the iliac position in (n=57; 80.2%) patients. Umbilical appendectomy (UA) was performed in all patients. All patients had an umbilical hernia cure. The mean duration of the procedure was 46 ± 9.7 minutes [range 34-72 minutes]. Food recovery occurred on day one postoperative in (n=68, 95%). Mean hospital stay was 2 ± 0.2 days [range 1-3 days].
Conclusion: Umbilical appendectomy has many advantages. It could thus be an alternative to laparoscopy in our context.