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Journal of Clinical Trials
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Acquired Labial Synechiae Secondary to Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

Siham Mansouri, Sara Mai, Karima Senouci, Badr Hassam and Meriem Meziane

Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) is caused by abnormal immunologic reactions, normally after exposure to drugs or infections. It is a severe and rare disease, belonging to the group of toxic epidermic necroses (NET). All mucous membranes can be reached: ocular, genital, esophageal, nasal or oral. These complications can lead to aesthetic and functional damage such as blindness or dyspareunia. Of these mucosal complications, labial synechiae are the rarest. We report labial synechia complicating SJS to lamotrigine. This observation encourages us to propose systematic prevention of potential oral sequelae.